Anna Young


Passionate, Respectful, Open-minded

Anna finds the best possible way to build out each concept. She ensures our whimsical creative ideas can be executed safely, durably and on budget. For help with design development, beautiful functionality, impeccable working drawings and media-worthy results, we look to her.

Anna gives our designers several options to achieve their vision, and she has a close eye on every project timeline. She coordinates with designers, consultants and trades, keeping everyone informed and communication flowing smoothly.

Her indispensability is a product of a great deal of on-site experience. Anna speaks contractor fluently, and is quick to earn the respect of our clients and skilled trades.

Anna sees formal traditional design falling to the wayside, as more brands and boutique firms take an approach that’s less predictable and more refreshing—and she’s happy to lead the way.

She holds an Interior Design Certificate from the International Academy of Design and Technology as well as a degree in Environmental Design from OCAD.