Kara Rotermund

Design Intern

Holistic. Conscientious. Honest.

Kara is what every intern should strive to be. She’s meticulous when it comes to her work, isn’t afraid to ask questions, and loves learning from those around her. Best of all, she has the grit and versatility to take on any task.

Need to gather research for furniture? Kara’s on the case. Drawing coordination? Consider it done. 3D design development? You betcha. Simply put, she’s the glue that keeps the studio humming.

As a member of the Collective, Kara’s unique perspective is welcomed with open arms. To her, hospitality design is all about creating an experience that marries comfort and familiarity with the extraordinary. As she grows as a designer, she intends on pushing this boundary to new and exciting places.

Today, Kara is pursuing her Bachelor of Interior Design from Ryerson University and is (unsurprisingly) on pace to graduate with honours in Spring 2022. When she isn’t busy designing or building another beautiful Pinterest board, you’ll find her getting distracted by Tofu, the office pup.