Mia Cardoza


Thoughtful, Passionate, Methodical

Mia dives deeply and empathetically into the user experience to fundamentally change what beauty means.

She rises to each challenge with a thoughtful and functional perspective. As her clients are getting more unique in their expectations of a hospitality space, so is Mia. Her incorporation of the user’s need for health and wellness have allowed her to develop a new philosophy and approach to interiors. Her designs feel timeless and considered.

To grow as a creative, she travels often, collaborates easily and embraces authenticity. Mia builds long-lasting relationships with clients who understand her passion and capability.

With a BID, Mia has an extensive career in luxury hospitality design, having worked throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Her collaborations with distinguished brands such LVMH, Swire Properties and Marriott have given her the opportunity to face new challenges and create successful design solutions.