Reena Nacianceno


Unique, Everchanging, Adaptable

Reena brilliantly balances the rational elements of a project with the magical ones. Within a fixed budget, she never fails to create special elements that feel limitless and luxurious.

She collaborates easily with her own team, her clients and consultant teams. Good relationships ensure a smooth and seamless flow on all of her projects. Alongside this, holding the integrity of each project together in every circumstance.

When a composition comes together flawlessly with every detail considered, she sees it as an expression of a beautifully collaborative effort and her unique bond with her team.

Reena finds inspiration through her colleagues, travel, experiences and little memorable spatial instances. She uses it to challenge the current market with out-of-the-box concepts that celebrate both concept and craft.

She attended University of Toronto, Art History + Architecture (2 years), and is a graduate of Ryerson School of Interior Design, Bachelors of Interior Design.