Yuzhi Zhang


Detail-Oriented, Multicultural, Thoughtful

Yuzhi is a global designer in the truest sense of the form.

If you have the privilege of working with her, you will notice how attuned she is with the cultural nuances of every project. Be it a space or object, Yuzhi takes the time to study the background and context. Once she has properly immersed herself, she takes a thoughtful approach to her designs; infusing them with authenticity and grace.

As a member of the Collective, Yuzhi feels she has found her place to grow. In her words, MAED is a “warm nest” for designers like her to land, grow and unleash their creativity. Unsurprisingly, when she isn’t designing, she spends her time traveling, exploring new cultures, and finding inspiration along the way.

Yuzhi’s world-spanning portfolio includes the Park Hyatt Beijing, the Kingold Apartments in Guangzhou, and private residential work in Toronto. Looking to the future, Yuzhi is keen on exploring the blurring line between luxury hospitality and the creature comforts of home life.